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1. Cookies.
It is possible to describe the cookie policy at the following address: www.saviofirmino.com/Privacy_Cookies_Policy_IT.pdf. The document is an integral part of ours Terms and conditions.

2. Privacy.
You can describe the privacy policy at the following address:
www.saviofirmino.com/Privacy_Cookies_Policy_IT.pdf. The document is an integral part of ours Terms and conditions.

3. Intellectual property.
Savio Firmino s.r.l., registered office in Via delle Fonti 10, 50018 Scandicci (FI), is the only and exclusive owner of this website and all the materials it contains. Savio Firmino s.n.c., registered office in Via delle Fonti 8 / D, 50018 Scandicci (FI), is the only and exclusive owner of the “Savio Firmino” brand, of all copyrights and design of Savio Firmino products, of which Savio Firmino s.r.l. has license of use.
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relation to any non-original “Savio Firmino” product or service, and in any way such create confusion among users or to denigrate or discredit the “Savio
Firmino “and products bearing the” Savio Firmino “brand.
The user consents and declares to know the entire site and all its contents (from now on referred to as “Contents”, “Contents”) are owned and licensed by Savio Firmino s.r.l. is Savio Firmino s.n.c. are subject to protection from international law copyright and, but not limited to, any other similar rights recognized by laws or conventions international in any country or jurisdiction in the world.
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It is in no way used to use trademarks and any other distinctive sign of Savio Firmino present on our website to take unfair advantage of the distinctiveness or renown of these trademarks or in such a way as to prejudice them and their owners.

4. Disclaimer.
This Site and its Contents are provided “as is” and “as available”, without guarantees of any type, explicit or implicit. No written information provided through this website or in in relation to its content may create any representations or warranties, including, but not limited to, guarantees of title or absence of malicious programs (such as viruses, worms or Trojans) or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Savio Firmino expressly declines any declaration and guarantee.
In no case will Savio Firmino be responsible (in any capacity, contractual and
extra-contractual) for any direct, indirect, incidental, accessory, financial or non-financial damage financial result of the use of this website.
By using this Site, you undertake to bear all the risks associated with such use, taking indemnifies Savio Firmino from any damage resulting from or caused by the use of this Site or to it connected.
Savio Firmino will make every effort to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of information contained on this Site but cannot absolutely guarantee that the information is complete, accurate and constantly updated and that the Site does not contain imperfections or that they come correct.
In the event that the applicable laws do not allow the exclusion of liability or the exclusion of the aforementioned implied warranties, such exclusions may not apply to you, in whole or in part part.
Any reference to any product or service that has been or can be provided by Savio Firmino or any other company authorized for this purpose by Savio Firmino does not constitute one promise of availability of this product or service at any time. Changes o improvements to such products or services can be made at any time without notice.
Savio Firmino is not responsible for any inaccuracies or errors, or for any loss or damage caused by or resulting from the reliance of any user on information obtained from or through this website. It is the user’s responsibility to evaluate the information and other available content through this website.
Savio Firmino reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Site (or part of it) in any momentarily, temporarily or permanently, with or without notice. The user accepts that Savio Firmino will not be responsible towards him or towards third parties for any modification, suspension or interruption of the website.

5. Material sent to Savio Firmino.
All proposals, drawings, concepts, photographs, testimonials and other objects or materials (ad exception of personal data) communicated or sent to Savio Firmino through this website or with other means (hereinafter “Submitted Material”, “Material”, “Materials”) are not reserved nor by owned by the user and will be the exclusive property of Savio Firmino at the time of presentation to Savio Firmino. By making proposals to Savio Firmino, the user gives in to Savio Firmino all rights, titles and interests, including copyrights, relating to the material sent.
The user declares and guarantees that no material sent will violate any right and any right of third parties.
By sending a sent material, the user accepts that Savio Firmino has the right, but not the obligation, to copy, publish, distribute or use such Submitted Material for any purpose, including, but not limited to, advertising, promotional, product development or other commercial purposes, without any compensation for the user or any other person. The user is and will remain the only one
responsible for the content of any material sent.
Do not send any material if you do not agree with these conditions.

6. Links to other websites.
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7. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use.
By using and accessing this website, the user accepts the Terms and Conditions of Use and that they are used of the website by the user will comply with these Terms and Conditions of Use.
The user agrees to indemnify and hold Savio Firmino harmless from all damages, costs, responsibilities, lawsuits, judgments, penalties, expenses, obligations, losses, complaints, actions, costs and expenses (including, but not limited to) limited to, attorney fees), related to or arising from any violation of these Terms and Conditions of Use or from any use of the site by the user.If you have any questions or want more information, feel free to contact us.

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